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What’s hidden under the Deep Snow?

One thing we love about Russia is that it has winter six months a year. It also harbors some of the world’s most amazing wisdom, much of which has never become available in the West. That being the case, our dedicated team of editors and translators is bringing you some of the most important and significant knowledge — released in the English language for the first time ever. And this is just a beginning!

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What can we do with all these books? Read them!

Dear readers — thank you! We believe that our books and DVDs contribute to a better world for all, so every copy you get into your hands counts. We do it all for you, and try to do it right. We publish outstanding titles in superb translations, and print all our books on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. We are owned and operated by families from our local community who work hard to get these books out to you. We love to hear from you and appreciate your reviews, comments, questions, and suggestions.