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The Art of Soaring. Prepare for takeoff!

Buckle up! You are in for the ride of your life. For those who ever sought real joy and enlightenment, The Art of Soaring delivers it all. You will literally feel lighter after reading this book! Plus it is so simple and so hilariously fun that you won’t be able to resist temptation to immediately put to work the powerful techniques offered here. We can already see you walking through your life with a smile on your face, and wish you best of luck on your amazing journey!

Your last self-help book?

Why is it that many self-help books are not particularly helpful? May it be because they describe authors’ personal experience? Sure, it worked for them, but is it going to work for you? In the case of The Art of Soaring, the presented techniques have been tested by countless readers. We love the uplifting, outrageously funny real life stories included in this book. Actually, our own life is now filled with similarly miraculous experiences — on a daily basis (see the Afterword below)! Please enjoy!

The Art of Soaring by Vladimir Dolokhov and Vadim Gurangov
Dr. Mark Havill (translator), Dr. Leonid Sharashkin (editor)
239 pages. ISBN 978-0-9842873-1-4. $16.95
Deep Snow Press, 2010.
Full Cover (back & front)
Title & Copyright
Translator’s Preface
Giving Thanks (from the theoretical section)
The Slingshot
The Domino Man. Editor’s Afterword