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The Power of Luck: A User’s Manual

Building up the runaway success of their bestseller The Art of Soaring, the authors propel you into the stratosphere of light and laughter. With its tantalizing real-life stories and a veritable avalanche of everyday “magic”, The Power of Luck unveils an ancient tradition of dissolving any problems in humor. It offers a path to laughter, freedom, and power. Put luck to work and let your results speak for themselves!

Beyond your wildest dreams

Things you never believed possible are now within your reach. Have noisy neighbors? Use the “mute” button on your remote control to calm them down! (See The Remote story below). Tomatoes not ripening on time? Walk your garden in a swimsuit, and they’ll blush red! This book’s mind-bending and efficient techniques expand our vision of what can be achieved in this life — and how.

Laughter, Freedom, and Power: readers’ testimony

“My wife all but called 911 to report an earthquake, but it was just me laughing convulsively as I read The Power of Luck.” — Peter, Washington

“I wanted to learn how to hit the jackpot. The book delivered this and much more: it made me realize I don’t need one!” — Jennifer, Oregon

“This volume has more force than a ten horse power vacuum cleaner! It just sucks you in and removes at one fell swoop all mental dust that humanity has accumulated over thousands of years.” — Josh, New York

“A mesmerizing experience like no other else. A do-it-yourself guide to joy unleashing a chain reaction of universal proportions.” — Miyuki, Japan

The Power of Luck: A User's Manual
Vladimir Dolokhov and Vadim Gurangov
Dr. Mark Havill (translator), Dr. Leonid Sharashkin (editor)
272 pages. ISBN 978-0-9842873-2-1. $16.95
Deep Snow Press, 2011.
Full Cover (back & front)
Title & Copyright
Translator’s Preface
Renaming on the Wing (from the theoretical section)
Changing reflections
The Remote
The Luxury of Luck. Editor’s Afterword