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by Fedor Lazutin - Gardening With A Smile, Book 3
The most comprehensive book on natural beekeeping and bee-friendly horizontal hives. Full of inspiration and thorough practical advice. All you need to get started, from attracting free bees to building your own hives. Laid-back beekeeping for all – simpler than growing tomatoes!
Dr. Leonid Sharashkin (editor). 402 pages. 140 illustrations, including in full color. ISBN 978-0-9842873-5-2. Paperback. Deep Snow Press, 2013. In stock.
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Learn directly from Georges de Layens – inventor of the world’s most popular horizontal hive with deep frames! • Discover time-tested methods boasting over 100 years of successful use. • Horizontal hives: advantages and use. Plus an honest overview of all hive systems. • Keys to success, based on decades of experience of countless beekeepers. • Extra-deep frames: advantages, design, and use. • Detailed practical advice with 250 illustrations. • Amazingly comprehensive: all you need to succeed. • One million horizontal hives in use today! • The best book on horizontal hives ever written – the complete reference we constantly use in all our horizontal hive apiaries. Keeping Bees in Horizontal Hives: A Complete Guide to Apiculture by de Layens. ISBN 978-0-9842873-6-9 (pbk), 374 p., 250 ill., Deep Snow Press, 2017. In stock.
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by Vladimir Dolokhov and Vadim Gurangov
The all-time classic on transforming your reality... through laughter! Effortlessly change your life on the spot. It really works!
Dr. Leonid Sharashkin (editor). 239 pages. ISBN 978-0-9842873-1-4. Paperback. Deep Snow Press, 2010. In stock.
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THE POWER OF LUCK: A User’s Manual
by Vladimir Dolokhov and Vadim Gurangov
Art of Soaring’s hilarious sequel full of unbelievable true stories of financial success, healed relationships, miraculous cures and more.
Dr. Leonid Sharashkin (editor). 272 pages. ISBN 978-0-9842873-2-1. Paperback. Deep Snow Press, 2011. In stock.
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by Nikolay Kurdyumov - Gardening With A Smile, Book 1
You’ve never seen a gardening book like that. Reads cover-to-cover, full of wit and humor. International bestseller from Russia’s most famous eco-grower.
Dr. Leonid Sharashkin (editor). Over 150 illustrations, including full-color. 420 pages. ISBN 978-0-9842873-3-8. Paperback. Deep Snow Press, 2011. In stock.
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by Nikolay Kurdyumov - Gardening With A Smile, Book 2
Planting and pruning, soil fertility and smart pest control, apricots in Manitoba and 5-lb pears – this A-to-Z book has it all in full color. Unique insight and detailed practical advice enough to turn your backyard into a universal sensation.
Dr. Leonid Sharashkin (editor). Over 250 illustrations, including over 100 in full color. 532 pages. ISBN 978-0-9842873-4-5. Paperback. Deep Snow Press, 2012. In stock.
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Alexander Razboinikov is famous for his amazing watercolors of humans and nature. Exhibited internationally, his Anastasia collection of 12 paintings was used on the covers of the Ringing Cedars series of books. This complete set includes 12 posters, printed in fine quality in their original size 11” x 17”. See all included paintings here. Amazing detail! Limited Stock.
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Ecovillages and Self-Reliant Communities in Europe

This inspiring two-hour documentary takes you on a journey to ten thriving ecological communities in eight European countries. People who founded them had a vision of creating a world where each person’s potential can be realized to the fullest. Discover the working alternatives that can provide everyone with healthy food, clean and safe environment, vibrant social life, rich and meaningful childhood experiences, sense of purpose, and economic and emotional self-reliance. Thousands of emerging ecovillages show that we can live a happy, peaceful, and sustainable life based on cooperation rather than competition - in harmony with oneself, other people, and the planet. Ecovillages covered include: Damanhur, Italy • Tamera, Portugal • Sieben Linden, Germany • La Borie Noble, France • Matavenero, Spain • Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland • and more. Directed by Stefan Wolf. Running time: 1 hr 55 min. All-region DVD (NTSC). In stock.
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Seeing Your Natural Environment As An Extension of Your Self
Ancient wisdom holds that body and psyche are intricately linked to the living environment, and that direct contact with nature is essential for bodily and mental well-being. This inspiring presentation on our connectedness to the living world within and around us provides insights on how to restore this link and practical steps we can take to establish the reciprocal flow of nourishment and energy from humans to our environment and back. Originally resented by Dr. Leo Sharashkin at the International Conference on Science and Consciousness. Running time: 1 hr 24 min. All-region DVD (NTSC). In stock.
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Psychology of Humanity-Earth Co-Evolution
How did Paradise really get lost and how to reclaim it? Why, since we started celebrating the Earth Day, has our planet seen the greatest amount of environmental destruction ever? How can we free our mind from the images of doom and fill it with joy and light? Answering these - and dozens more - captivating questions, the editor of The Art of Soaring puts you in full control of your life with powerful practical solutions to transform your destiny on the spot. All delivered with Dr. Leo’s hallmark humor and inimitable style. Running time: 1 hr 26 min. All-region DVD (NTSC). In stock.
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Birth and Fertility in Nature and Human Experience
A must-see for all expecting mothers! Discover the power and beauty of father-assisted home birth! Our ancestors revered the sanctity of birth experience, and felt the link between the fertility of woman and the fertility of Mother Earth, but today this connection is lost. After discovering rampant censorship in modern American books on childbirth, Dr. Leo Sharashkin - who brought us The School documentary - set out to reclaim truth about birth as the key life experience. Drawing on his personal stories of assisting to the home birth of his many children, apprenticeship with eminent midwives, and knowledge in the fields of biology and linguistics, history and psychology, gardening and obstetrics, Dr. Leo was able to reconstruct the mystery of the birth-as-it-should be, and the central place of our thought in it. This video inspired countless couples to follow simple practical suggestions for making the birth the life-changing, transformative experience for the entire family and, indeed, for our whole planet. Delivered at the International Conference on Science and Consciousness. Running time: 1 hr 5 min. All-region DVD (NTSC). In stock.
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Inspiring, practical advice on establishing a homestead and planning an eco-village - based on Dr. Leo’s brilliant research of homesteading and organic agriculture, and hilarious real-life experiences of building ecological mortgage-free homes and creating thriving eco-communities. Creating your own living, nurturing space is challenging and rewarding. Learn where to start and the pitfalls to avoid. Presented in Australia - you can now watch this program without the expense of transpacific travel! Running time: 1 hr 30 min. All-region DVD (NTSC). In stock.
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