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Readers’ and Media Reviews

“Charming and inspirational! Like a heartfelt, ecstatic dance. Playful and joyful practical magic to provide the best outcomes for all involved. The best — and all with good humour.”
— Nexus Magazine

The Art of Soaring is profound. Deep wisdom that comes from the heart of the Russian spirit, one that knows pain, and particularly knows laughter.”
— Conscious Media Network

“A simple but effective system for developing one’s inner potential and improving the conditions in one’s life. This admirable English translation retains the humorous, light-hearted approach of the original. Readers learn how to become the masters of fate with a positive, hopeful attitude liberally seasoned with humor. The Art of Soaring deserves wide readership. Recommended to both casual readers and others interested in developing their creative abilities.”
— New Age Retailer

“I would like to order 20 DVDs of The School and 20 books The Art of Soaring. The book is great. Thank you.”
— Dr. T., Florida

“Thank you so very much for the new book. I spent today reading it. The Power of Luck is wonderful. I particularly liked the ‘remote control’ idea. I tried that out today and found that it indeed works. I carried a remote control around with me all day. Changing ‘channels’ truly changed how I felt.”
— Shanti, Missouri

“Wanted to let you know that I did a dance and have manifested a bright yellow car at an amazing price!!”
— Rachel, Canada

“I read your book The Art of Soaring. Such powerful material... I use it all the time! Great work. I’m so glad I’ve come across your books. Keep bringing Russia to the English!!”
— Ellen, Colorado

“Without a doubt The Art of Soaring has had profound effects on my life, soul, psyche. I look forward to more. Thank you!”
— Freya, Canada

“I have finished reading The Art of Soaring and really liked it. The book is easy to read and entertaining. The authors are real characters and funny. I have been using some of the methods personally and feel that there is a lot that could be gained from the simple magic tricks they impart.”
— Michael, Washington

“I ordered dozens of copies of The Art of Soaring for our share/discussion group. We really enjoyed it and created a ‘soaring’ group which meets regularly to share experiences.”
— Paul, Ohio

“My wife all but called 911 to report an earthquake, but it was just me laughing convulsively as I read The Power of Luck.”
— Peter, Washington

“Have enjoyed The Art of Soaring. Thanks for publishing it and promoting it. I would like to order some more copies to share with friends and family.”
— Richard, Canada

“The book has already been life changing for me. It is like the instructions are made perfectly for me. They fit my abilities for inner visioning and appeal to my own worldview. Thank you to all of you and please pass on my sincere gratitude to the authors. It is a very big thing for me to say that my life has been changed, and it is VERY BIG that you all are facilitating that change. Congratulations, dear ones! Love from your friend.”
— Debra, California

“I wanted to learn how to hit the jackpot. The book delivered this and much more: it made me realize I don’t need one!”
— Jennifer, Oregon

“This volume has more force than a ten horse power vacuum cleaner! It just sucks you in and removes at one fell swoop all mental dust that humanity has accumulated over thousands of years.”
— Josh, New York

“A mesmerizing experience like no other else. A do-it-yourself guide to joy unleashing a chain reaction of universal proportions.”
— Miyuki, Japan

“OMG! The Art of Soaring is incredible. This book is right on. My friends keep asking me if I’ve read The Secret, but now I answer: ‘Forget it! Go read The Art of Soaring!!!’”
— Dora, UK

The Art of Soaring is mesmerizing. Inspiring beyond belief. Overflowing with laughter and positivity — I’ve never read a book like that! Hard to put it in a nutshell, but basically it’s about changing your reality through... laughter. You can resolve any problem — health, relationships, money. Immensely practical, filled with funny techniques to try out in real life — and it works! I now use it all the time, with stunning results. Costs only $16.95, but has the energizing potential of a 50-lb bag of pine nuts! It’s really that good! Makes an excellent present, too — your loved ones will love it, and your boss may even give you a raise for it!”
— Penny, Missouri

“How lucky I am to have read your two books! They are wonderful — simply the beginning of better things to come for humanity! Ever-exciting and stimulating. I am delighted! On to bigger and better days for us all! Thank You Soooo Much!”
— Rita, New Mexico

“Plowing through The Art of Soaring was quite an experience, but the last words blew me away: Refrigerate after opening. Ha! That’s what I did! I put the book in the freezer — and guess what? My girlfriend found it there and finished it in two days! She’d never read any of the books I recommended! It’s magical and it works!”
— Brian, Maine

“Thank you so much. I am loving the books and have shared them with several of my clients and friends who also love them. We are having such fun with these books. I am happy you are bringing this information here to this country. We certainly need these kinds of uplifting ideas in our lives. I love to share them. Again thank you.”
— Carolyn, North Carolina

“When I read The Art of Soaring, I thought ‘Gauche! I’ll never want to read another book in my life’ (it was that good). But when the same authors released The Power of Luck, I got immersed in it once again. It made me laugh so much my belly hurt. It’s a very practical and deeply insightful look at how we can let go of all our problems... by going nuts! :) Brilliant and uplifting. Based on an ancient secret tradition. And true: we can only resolve our issues (personal and social) by changing the way we see the world — and The Power of Luck delivers just that. It already became a mega-bestseller in Russia, and I really feel you’ll emerge from reading it with renewed hope and joy of life — and a smile. It may well be the best $16.95 you ever spent. I can’t recommend it highly enough! You know Penny — I stand by what I say.”
— Penny, Missouri

The Power of Luck is a cool book! :) I know some people from our reading group were concentrating on the ice-cube image from the cover to avert nuclear meltdown in Japan. I may be crazy to say that, but I feel we’ve somehow helped with things there. Positive consciousness rules!”
— Jon, Seattle

“I’ve read and loved both The Art of Soaring and The Power of Luck, and now I’d like instruction in becoming an even better magician. Are there any Magicians’ Training Programs or Magicians’ Groups that you know of, here in the United States, that are based on Dolokhov and Gurangov’s work? If so, please send me information about how to contact them. Thank you for the books, and for your help in learning more.”
— Sandra, Minnesota

The Power of Luck is a gift to the world. I am sending you a tall orange cat with big green eyes whistling Dixie and popping gemstones that fall like rain and turn into bright smiles as they drip drop and light you up like a birthday cake. Much love.”
— Angie, Canada

“Thank you for having published those wonderful books. I understand that Dolokhov and Gurangov have written nine books, and I’m looking forward to reading the other seven. I hope you have plans to publish the rest of them soon. All my best.”
— Sarah, Arizona

“I am writing to share some great news with you. Four years ago I started a group, we have been meeting once a month to do yoga and meditation plus I share with the rest any new information that I am learning. I have encouraged them to buy The Art of Soaring and The Power of Luck and I showed them how to construct ‘materializers’. One of my students is a forty year old woman who has multiple sclerosis. Her symptoms have progressed to the point where she now needs medication that must be self injected. The first kind she tried caused her to nearly lose consciousness, and after that experience her fear level rose so high she did not want to try another kind. But she put a wish to the Universe into her newly constructed materializer that the other type of medicine would be painless, effective, and easy to tolerate. And she has now put that wish into her success reports! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful ideas! We are all so very excited and grateful. Many blessings and continued great success with the books and all your work.”
— Debra, Washington

“I have taught the Tao, dance and meditation for 25 years. I want to thank you for bringing these books into the English speaking world.”
— Andrians, Netherlands

“Hello! Have really enjoyed the book: The Art of Soaring, and would very much like to be added to your e-mail list. Thank you.”
— Ann, Canada

“I am starting my own business and I’ve had all kinds of setbacks. Then my son sent me a flock of seagulls all named Phillis wearing green tutus — to circle over my head and bring me everything I want. Which of course sent me soaring and smiling a lot! Guess where he learned that? Ha! The Art of Soaring. So I just wanted to say thank you for being an inspiration.”
— Nancy, Washington

“Like its predecessor, The Art of Soaring, The Power of Luck stresses two qualities people must develop if they wish to take charge of their own reality and have everyday ‘magic’ work for them. First is to accept that the common worldview is a shared delusion even though you must accept its basic tenets to be considered sane. Second, that life is not to be viewed as a series of acts in dramatic theater but rather understood as acts in comedy theater. Within this theater the magician creates playful rituals performed with joy rather than expectation, and according to the authors, that’s when miracles begin to happen. The first of the book covers the theory behind the approach, while the rest consists of magical stories that show how various techniques enrich the lives of their narrators. These techniques include giving thanks to obstacles, renaming yourself and others in comical ways, performing magical dances, and retelling confrontations using ‘I’ for all sides. The Power of Luck should appeal to those willing to play the fool, hope for the best, and allow incidents in the here and now to reveal their secrets.”
— New Age Retailer

The Art of Snoring

In the spring of 2009 I was doing quite a bit of traveling, giving workshops on organic gardening and independent living all over the world. At that time I already discovered for myself The Art of Soaring and was putting it to use at every occasion. The results were invariably brow-raising: from getting a seat in business class for an economy ticket to receiving a package with an expensive piece of electronics from a company that claimed they never sent me one! Any much more.

On that particular night I caught a red-eye flight from the West Coast to Dallas. It all began promising enough: the plane was full except the seat next to mine, so I luxuriously curled up across two seats and got four hours of sleep. But when we landed in Dallas around 4 a.m., I was still sleepy and tired. I had a three-hour layover before my next flight. “If only I could nap for a couple more hours, I’d be in great shape,” I thought. But at Dallas International all seats have armrests to make it impossible for people to lie across. Bother!

But then I beheld a vision out of this world. Right in front of me, there was a neat folding cot standing by the wall. I looked all around to see if it might be reserved for a crew member or someone else, but in this early hour the hall was almost empty, with nobody paying any attention to me or my discovery. Without further philosophizing, I lay down and fell to sleep.

I woke up two hours later, just in time to board my next flight. I stretched contently, rose, thanked the cot, and started towards my gate. After making a few steps I stopped and turned around to impress this sight on my memory. But the cot was no longer there. I wonder to the present day if this experience has actually happened to me at all, but one thing is certain: after that night I knew I had to translate The Art of Soaring into English, so that more people could taste the magic of sleeping blissfully on a materialized cot midst a busy international airport.
Dr. Leonid Sharashkin, Editor of The Art of Soaring and The Power of Luck, taking a nap at Dallas International Airport on a folding cot that materialized out of thin air — and then evaporated as mysteriously as it had appeared.